ASIC Products

ASIC Products

We develop Mixed-Signal ASICs for advanced signal-processing applications in commercial, industrial and medical fields. Our expertise in multi-channel Readout circuits resulted in the design and manufacturing of several ASIC products dedicated specifically for X-Ray scanners and CT-Scan systems. ASICs can be provided in low or high volume as diced wafers and packaged chips.



The CDI64500 is a frontend charge amplifier and ADC conversion integrated circuit which is optimized to offer the lowest power and cost per channel. The CDI64500 is composed of 64 channels. Each channel includes a charge amplifier and an 18-bit ADC. This combination results in low power consumption and low noise on the IC device.

  • 64-channels, current-to-digital converter
  • Integrated 18bit ADC per channel
  • Charge amplifier with full scale ranging from 1.75pC to 87.5pC
  • Gain can be programmed separately for 2 groups of 32 channels each
  • Correlated double sampling (CDS) for low noise and low offset drift
  • Programmable gain from 0.5pF to 25pF
  • Less than 1.5mW per channel
  • LVDS interface for data transfer and sequencing
  • I2C interface for device configuration
  • Accepts positive input charge
  • Up to 16 devices can be programmed and read out by sharing the same data lines
  • Custom fpBGA package
Functional Block Diagram



CDI64500 datasheet (PDF)

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