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About Comport Data

Providing turnkey solutions for your ASIC project

asic-design-11Comport Data Inc. is an integrated circuit design, manufacturing and testing company offering a wide range of ASIC design services from analog ASIC design, mixed-signal design, layout, FAB-ing, packaging and production testing services.

The company specializes in advanced mixed-signal ASIC designs, ranging from complex system-on-chip mixed-signal ASICs with integrated analog circuit functions and embedded microcontrollers, to very low noise, multi-channels A/D and D/A devices, for the acquisition, amplification and conversion of very small signals. Comport Data engineers have a solid know-how for implementing low voltage/low power, high voltage, high frequency and smart power designs.

A flexible approach to development

The company has a flexible approach to development strategy, and offers full-service, turnkey IC design, prototyping and volume production, where all tasks from concept to tape-out and testing are accomplished in-house, while wafer fabrication and packaging are sub-contracted.

One of the more successful models is the joint development team where the customer and Comport Data engineers work together on the same ASIC design project. It can also work on a modular tasks sharing basis, where Comport Data is responsible for certain well-defined tasks as part of a larger microelectronics development project.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

Certificate of Registration: FM 717612 (PDF)