Comport Data Inc. is an integrated circuit design, manufacturing and testing company offering a wide range of ASIC design services from analog ASIC design, mixed-signal design, layout, FAB-ing, packaging and production testing services.

The company specializes in advanced mixed-signal ASIC designs, ranging from complex system-on-chip mixed-signal ASICs with integrated analog circuit functions and embedded microcontrollers, to very low noise, multi-channels A/D and D/A devices, for the acquisition, amplification and conversion of very small signals.

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We design complex mixed-signal analog-digital integrated circuits from concept to silicon

Comport Data is a fab-independent ASIC design supplier and has close connections with several CMOS, BiCMOS, and Bipolar foundries to manufacture its mixed-signal and analog integrated circuits.

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We offer pre-production runs up to high volume testing for each ASIC design project

Testing includes wafer and package verification using in-house wafer probers and handlers. We can also migrate or develop new test programs for existing products.

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We develop Mixed-Signal ASICs for advanced signal-processing applications in multiple fields

Our expertise in multi-channel Readout circuits resulted in the design and manufacturing of several ASIC products dedicated specifically for X-Ray scanners and CT-Scan systems.

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200-150 Authier
Montreal, Quebec  H4M 2C6

Telephone: +1 514 340-1550

Email: info@comport-data.com