Comport Data offers ASIC design, IC design, chip design and mixed signal design services




Comport Data provides a complete line of ASIC design services, from integrated circuit design and manufacturing to final testing.



High performance analog integrated circuits and mixed signal designs.

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  • CT-Scan Front-End IC
  • AC/DC Power Supply Controller
  • Inductive Step-Down Converter
  • Telephony IC
  • Medical Data Acquisition ASIC
  • Photon Counter / Integrator
  • Level Detector IC
  • Stud/Metal/AC Detector IC
  • Low Power Touch Screen ASIC
  • Capacitive Touch Screen ASIC
  • Capacitive Sensor Frontend ASIC
  • Touch Screen Front-End IC
  • Optoelectronics LED Drivers
  • High Speed Bidirectional FIFO
  • CMOS Parallel-To-Serial FIFO
  • CT-Scan Readout IC
  • Readout IC
  • Linear & Rotary Encoder
  • Phase Shift Encoder ASIC
  • MEMS Controller
  • High Voltage Interface ASIC
  • Density/AC Detector
  • HV Power Converter
  • Rectifier Bridge IC
  • Optical Receiver ASIC
  • Opto Encoder
  • Charge Measuring ASIC
  • Ambient Light Sensor & Proximity Detector


Comport Data is a fabless semiconductor ASIC design company able to provide turnkey solutions for the most challenging microelectronics projects. With extensive experience in CMOS and BiCMOS IC design for analog ASIC design and mixed-signal ASIC design applications, we can find the right solution for any integrated circuit design.


As a fabless ASIC design company, Comport Data can work with any foundry and can choose from a wide range of available technologies to find the solution that meets the needs of the project.


Our knowledgeable team uses advanced integrated circuit design tools for schematic entry, simulation and layout of most complex ASIC design projects from conception through product development and testing. The team supports a wide range of ASIC requirements including high-speed signal performance, low-voltage, low-power, and low-noise for commercial, industrial, military and space grade applications. This is combined with a unique expertise in high voltage, high temperature and radiation hardened analog ASIC design. Prototype testing and characterization is performed to ensure that the ASIC will meet the reliability goals taking into account factors such as power dissipation and ambient temperature and humidity.


Comport Data also offers volume mixed-signal testing for each ASIC design project, including wafer and package verification using in-house wafer probers and handlers.